Thursday, March 1, 2012

Updated with pricing--Cheryl's bake sale slated for March 3

Mark your calendars. Cheryl's annual bake sale slated for Saturday, March 3, 7 3 P.M. 100 Dillmont Drive in Worthington, Ohio.
It's an awesome time for everyone to stock up on their favorite Cheryl's treats at a great value! Find cookies, gifts, dough balls, gourmet goods, and keepsakes.

Sampling of deals:
Cases of pre-wrap cookies - $25 ($140 regular price) Various 120/100 count including world famous cutouts, chocolate chip, sugar, chocolate chunk, frosted gingerbread, sugar & spice, peppermint chocolate frosted, sugar free and more.

Cases of prewrap Cheryl Oh's--double chocolate chip cookie sandwiches with vanilla butter cream in the middle - $25 ($140 regular price.100-count cookies)

Cut-out dough 2-pound tub - $5 ($14.99 regular price)

Cheryl's dough balls 70-count chocolate chip, chocolate chocolate chip, peanut butter or sugar - $15 (Regular price $39.99)

Dough balls 378-count coconut, or chocolate white chip - $15 ($150 retail)

Carrot cake dough - $10 ($24.99 regular price, limited supply)

Butter-cream frosting bags, cinnamon or vanilla - $1 ($4.99 regular price)

Vanilla butter-cream frosting 30-pound cases - $10 ($150 regular price, assorted colors)

Brownie bars 3.0-ounce frosted, sugar free - 50 cents each

Frosted brownies rounds - $5 ($19.99 regular price)

Three row spritz tray - $2 ($12.99 regular price. Red spritz limited supply)

Spritz - $5 ($24.99 regular price. Approximately 18-ounce, red spritz limited supply)

Butternut balls - $2 (Approximately 8-ounce. $12.99 regular price)

Crunchy cookies - 50 cents each (Regular price $1.99. 2.5-ounce assorted flavors)

Crunchy cookies - $1 (7-ounce assorted flavors)

Bundt cakes - $5 (Regular price $24.99. Assorted flavors)

Chocolate cake loafs - $1 ($8.50 regular price)

Chocolate mini bundts - $1 (Regular price $8.50)

Mini pumpkin loaf cakes - $15 (Regular price $49.99. Sold by the case only)

Cases of cake slices - $15 (Regular price $49.99. Banana, cinnamon, chocolate and vanilla pound. Sold by the case only.)

Miscellaneous Gourmet food and gift items:

Yellow sticker - 25 cents
Red sticker - 50 cents
Green sticker - $1
Make space in your car to accommodate your purchases. All sales final. The top five top sellers will be available in retail stores February 29, supplies are limited.

The picture above is the box of cookies I bought at the  bake sale last year. Use this as a guide, not a guarantee. Make room in your freezer, Cheryl's cookies freeze nicely for six months.

Happy shopping!

Laurie Dixon

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